Mick Jenkins Talks Christian Values, Planting Religious Undertones In Music & Relationship With Pro Era

In part 2 of our in depth interview with Mick Jenkins, the Chicago rapper details how some of his Christian Values influenced his raps for The Water[s] project. He talks about his relationship with the Pro Era team and how they all embrace each others music. Mick explains:

– Consciously seeding religious undertones into his music, Mick makes it clear that he is not looking to be “preachy.”

“I try to put it in there, but I don’t want to be too preachy about it. — that was only the real way I can do music, at all. I was raised in a Christian home. I have Christian Values and my goal is heaven. So, it’s going to come out in any art that I practice. Those are the ideals & morals on trying to put people on to.”

– Chicago’s Savior elaborates on his relationship with Pro Era & talks connecting with Kirk Knight more than the other members.

“We fuck with each other. I met them through the relationship with Jonny Shipes and cinematic. I fucks with Joey, but I connect with Kirk way more, just on another level …”

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