McDonald’s Sued Over Manager Attacking Customer



A customer at an NYC McDonald’s got more than what he order when he strolled in at 5am , June of last year.

Joel Roach claims when he walked in a manager of the franchise said “We don’t have any food”. Now that couldn’t possibly be true, right? Especially since Joel spotted, and also pointed out, that there was plenty of food sitting under the heat lamps, in front of his face.

However, the manager quickly shot back, the food was actually marked for another customer. Things escalated in the argument, and it’s claimed the manager said “Let’s take it outside and I’m going to kick your ass.”

Wow, that doesn’t seem like great customer service. According to Joel, the manager did deliver what he promised and sucker punched him, making Joel hit the ground, breaking his fibula. Cops did respond, but there were no charges pressed.

It’s still pretty fuzzy on how this escalated so quickly, and over what exactly. But as expected McDonalds will defend itself against these accusations.