Lucki Eck$ – "Body High" Album Review || The Ether Report

Body High is Chicago’s Lucki Eck$’ second mixtape, the first being Alternative Trap. The 18 year old Westside Chicago emcee is making a name for himself with his brand of “Xanax rap” as he delivers his tales from the trap with a drug induced drawl. With his rep up after signing with Chief Keef’s Glo Gang  and affiliations with fledging crews from Chicago such as Save Money and Chop Squad, Lucki brings an original flavor to the table fusing the different sides of the New Chicago through and through.

Lucki Eck$ has imagined his own unique sound, and while no one else sounds like him, the trained ear can hear he has been inspired by one of the biggest names in the Drill Movement, Chief Keef. His artistic use of drugs to further himself is reminiscent of Chance’s Acid Rap, and the trap talk comes from the same spirit of some of the Drill Movement’s finest. His pride in being reliable to the fiends comes first, and when he gets it right, he gets it right.

“Count On Me 3” rose to the top of my list as a favorite. The blaring synths and booming bass line gives the track an ambience where Lucki shines. His whole first verse is a gem, playing back like a highlight reel of your neighborhood supplier. In it he uses his youth to dodge the police and promotes his reliability as the one you can count on for some pick me up before it leads into a bolstering hook where we really get a feel for how charismatic this kid can really be.

Rocks in my jock, but a nigga underage so the cops couldn’t do shit about it
And niggas tryna plot, but I got a Master P with some No Limit shots, Bout It Bout It
My phone keep ringing, my phone keep ringing, I’m like “yeah yeah what you need?”
Can’t say it on the phone, gotta use code words, because I can’t get book on re-
– Lucki Eck$, Count On Me 3

In that opening four bar sequence Lucki shows us a witty side with his ability to outsmart the cops, wordplay with a slick Master P reference, then the truth of his day to day lifestyle. As laid back as his flow is “Count On Me 3” has an anthemic quality about it that could make it a favorite amongst a live audience.

One of most notable features of Lucki’s lyrical abilities is his descriptive narratives. This characteristic of his songs alongside his unique sound and flow make the stories come out clear and smooth. Lucki has this ability to tell you a story with poignance, using the perfect details to bring mere words to life. “Finesse” was another favorite and proof of Lucki’s lucky asset. His first verse is story of him Finessing a plug out of drugs after scoring his number from some female. His back and forth dialogue sells the story here.

Finesse that bitch up out his number, told her she’ll make some profit
I call him, ‘Its Lucki bro, I got your number from this bitch
I can move your work around my school
You should front me some of that shit’
And he like ‘Aw shit, gon’ head say thanks to that bitch
Bruh my shit was passin’ slow, turn that game speed up a bit’
– Lucki Eck$, Finesse

After this exchange, Lucki apparently disappears when this guy comes looking for his return. Lucki’s character is that of sly guy who understands that what he’s selling is detrimental to his clients, but it’s okay because he uses the product himself. The Xanax drawl is going to be Lucki’s trademark as he slurs his way through Body High. The use of the drug is pretty apparent, but there are questions that need to be answered. Does it work for him? For me, I have to say no.

While his (supposed) use of the drug makes sense – he’s pitching it and makes points to let us know that he’s getting high on his own supply (“4th Commandment”), and this a project based on his lifestyle – but it does take away from it. Countless of times I can recall that he’d be stringing along a nice set of bars only for his drawl to make part of it incoherent. It also makes you miss much of the slick bars that Lucki can spit. You don’t get a chance to appreciate it at all and it doesn’t help us make a case for him as a formidable rapper. Lastly, that delivery is the reason why the mixtape gets a bit redundant. I liked the first half of it, but the latter half is a complete blur (save “Count On Me 3”).

There’s much to be said about Lucki Eck$’ upside. He’s 18 years old, but seems to have life skills that some don’t learn until their 30’s. Through all of the trap talk you can tell that he’s a creative at heart with slick wit and a knack for storytelling as witnessed on “Finesse,” “Slow Down,” and “Witchcraft.”

He’s talented and I enjoyed the songs that we remarked – “Count On Me” for it’s glorious aura and “Finesse” for Lucki’s slick talk and detailed narratives, but it’s up in the air whether Body High really moves me or not.

The songs that we discussed stand out more so on this project for me, however the rest of the project less so. While the sound of the whole work is intoxicating the replay ability isn’t as strong as we would like, but this could also be attributed to his age. We think he has a lot to offer in the future and expect to hear good music from Lucki Eck$ in the future.

*Ether Report Card Rating 7.5 (out of 10)