Lohan Siblings Are Getting Sued For 'Bad Business'


Apparently after all the time Lindsay Lohan has spent dealing with the law, she forgot how to do business. According to TMZ, Lindsay and her brother, Michael Lohan Jr., are being sued after agreeing to help with the launch of a new website, but then brought the idea to another investor.

Fima Potik brought the Lohan duo on board to start up a website called Spotted Friend, which gives viewers the opportunity to see the clothes that celebrities have in their closet. Potik also claims that Michael sent him a text saying that he wanted a bigger portion of the company, or else.

After the Lohans were involved in the recent launch of the app Vigme, which Potik claims to be a “carbon copy of his idea”, Fima Potik is now suing the Lohan siblings for more than $60 million with hopes of shutting the app down! My goodness Lohans, I thought you knew better by now.