The Spotlight With Lenny S., Roc Nation’s SVP of A&R

Lenny S.

You may not know exactly what he does and quite frankly, that’s fine. Lenny S. has been working in the music ‘biz’ for a while. He’s worked on projects that you’d undoubtedly recognize, but likely had no clue of his involvement. He’s an A&R, an artist manager and best friend.

Lenny’s insurmountable amount of energy and drive has led him to be one of the most successful men in the music industry. He’s worked with artists and music moguls ranging from Dame Dash to Jay Z and he hasn’t stopped there. He’s been able to sustain a career of longevity within the industry and we’ve got the inside scoop as to what he’s been up to. We’ve put the spotlight on him now, but truth be told, whether he’s in the spotlight or not, he’s always working. 

(Interview by Emily Gabriele | )

GFM: Why don’t you start off by telling us exactly what it is you do?

I’m the senior vice president of A&R at Roc Nation and I also do management at Roc Nation. I may not directly be working on every specific one, but because of the nature of my job, executive producing or overseeing.

J. Cole is working on an album that should be dropping by the end of the year. We just signed this guy named Sam Romans. He’s from London, UK. He’s an amazing writer, producer, plays damn near every instrument. He’s been writing and producing his own records and he’s working on a few other songs within the industry right now for Mary J. Blige, Rita Ora etc.

He’s actually finishing his album right now and it hopefully should be dropping top of next year. He has a single out now called ‘Home’ which is produced by Naughty Boy. They released it in the UK first—a couple of months ago—and now it’s in the states. So hopefully, you know, it does well here.

Let’s see, what else?

I signed an artist; you’re going to be annoyed because I can’t tell you who. But what I can tell you is this; we haven’t announced it yet, we probably will in the next few weeks or something.

He’s really dope. He’s super dope, super talented and he’s been doing his thing for a little bit. We’re just getting the paperwork done right now. It’s pretty much a done deal. But it’s not like sealed, it’s like 95%, but since it’s not sealed I can’t expose it yet. But when it is exposed, you’ll be able to go back and say, “Oh! This is what he is talking about!”

Can you give us inkling as to what his major lane is?

Him and Sam Romans are probably the most exciting people I’ve signed since like Khaled over at Def Jam. He raps, but it’s a little beyond that. He’s got a lot of creativity to add to the game.

So what else do you have going on?

I’m also managing Fabolous. He’s doing great. We’re working on his project right now. It will probably be released within the next month or so. It’s a period piece. He’s pretty much going to be in character and just living it out.

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