‘Law & Order: SVU’ Features Controversial Elevator Fight


It was only a matter of time before Law & Order: SVU premiered an episode about one of the recent celebrity scandals but who knew they would create a mash up?

The new episode, which aired last night, featured a sports scandal that mixed up Darren Sharper and Ray Rice, with a tad bit of Solange and Jay Z.
For those that don’t know Darren Sharper, former NFL star, was accused of raping and drugging multiple women. Which surprise, is the foundation for this episode.

And as if that was not enough they not only added but promoted, as you can see in the preview, a big elevator scandal, involving the accused sports star which catches the attention of Olivia Benson. Which most with link to the Ray Rice scandal, however the woman is attacking him and then held back by a body guard.

Remind you of anyone?

Of course, Law & Order completely refrained from using real names. This is not the first time they have used popular celebrity scandal for their episodes, though. Do we remember the Chris Brown and Rihanna themed episode? They’ve even had one about Casey Anthony and Paula Deen.