Kevin Liles Talks Early Def Jam Days & More On The Combat Jack Show

Kevin Liles stopped by The Combat Jack Show for a couple of hours to drop a few gems and talk success. He swept my interest, particularly, when defining “balance.”

“Balance to me is being the example. Balance to me is working hard everyday. Giving up yourself. Keeping faith is number one and putting forth that effort to not just be a product of your environment, but a product of your experiences.”

Liles touched on his book Make It Happen and talked about his come up over at Def Jam, working Russell Simmons and Lyor Cohen, the deaths of greats such as Big, Jam Master Jay, Tupac, etc. He dropped bombs of inspiration that can turn a mule into a stallion. If two hours of listening to Kevin Liles speak doesn’t turn your life around, I’m not sure what will.

Here’s another Liles quotable.

“No man can hurt me. I don’t fear man. My faith is so great that I live by His word and live by His name. It is what it is. God will put you in situations that you never think you’ll get out of. And I’ve been in a lot of those situations. But more importantly He woke me up the next day and say you’re still here.”

Congrats to Kevin Liles and his wife at home carrying their 8-month-old in her belly. (It’s a girl).