Kanye West’s Early Demo For ‘New Slaves’ Revealed

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Benjamin Bronfman—a member of the band Teachers—shared the original instrumental demo of  Ye’s “New Slaves” and behold, here it is. Aside from the original synth line, the instrumental doesn’t hold much of the same characteristics as the “New Slaves” record we know. It’s a much softer rendition that what Ye put out, but then again it’s Ye! What did we expect. Nevertheless, it’s still a dope track.

Bronfman tells Rolling Stone it wasn’t until a secret Yeezus listening party in May 2013 that he heard the final version of “New Slaves.” Needless to say, he loved it:

“He almost accentuated the track more. The only part he took was the beginning part — he made it even more minimalistic.”

Can’t say I disagree with Bronfman. Only a fool would be offended…right? Rolling Stone reports Bronfman is currently working on some new tracks that he hope will make it onto Ye’s next album, and quite frankly I do too.

Read the full interview here.