See Taylor Swift's Reaction When John Cleese Insults Her Cat

Take note of John Cleese’s mistakes,if you plan on staying on Taylor Swift’s good side never insult her cat, Olivia Benson. The Monty Python made an appearance on The Graham Nortorn Show, with T Swift her self.

It all started when Cleese turned to Swift and asked “How did it have the accident?”, after being shown a picture of Ms. Olivia Benson. The “Shake It Off” singer did anything but and you can see by her face it looked like she was shocked. But don’t think he stopped there. “Is that a proper cat? That’s the weirdest cat I’ve ever seen in my life.”

Thank gosh for Norton, who tried to diffuse the situation by posting a picture of Cleese’s cat. You have to see Taylor’s face when she called it a “monster”, it to die for.