This Happened When We Interviewed Comic Duo, Fleeto Puente & Gordo Flee

We had the comic duo that is Fleeto Puente and Gordo Flee stop by the studio for an on-air interview unlike no other. In typical boss-like fashion Gordo showed up in a dark green—comfortable looking, might I add—fleece robe. Fleeto, on the other hand, had his own thing going on. What exactly…I have absolutely no clue. 

WATCH: Fleeto Puente & Gordo Flee Release A Hilarious Video For “AY BENDITO”

Gordo and Fleeto spoke to us about their incredibly close un-Ricky Martin-like friendship, ringtones, food, exercising and of course their chart topping single “Ay Bendito,” available for purchase on iTunes now.

I’m not sure what threw me off more; their stylish clothes or the fact that they handed me a list of prepped questions to ask them. Not to mention being referred to as “Journalist” throughout the entire segment. I cannot make this stuff up…