Drake Drops A Stack After Tyga's Crew Attacks, Doesn't Bother To Pick It Up


Drake’s birthday didn’t go as planned—as you can see by the video above. What in the world could cause Drizzy to throw down a stack of money, and not even bother to go back and pick it up? I mean, aside from the fact that he’s got money by the boatload—that’s not the point….

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According to reports, one of Tyga’s crew members punched Drake’s DJ. Apparently, Tyga’s crew and Drake’s were both celebrating at Club Stadium in Washington, D.C.. It’s not completely clear what caused the altercation, but maybe it has something to do with Tyga not being too fond of the birthday boy?

We can definitely see that Drizzy is upset. Thank goodness someone in hs crew was thoughtful enough to pick up all that money. Rule to the wise, don’t attack Drake’s posse unless you want him charging at you.