A Complete History Of The Downfall of Amanda Bynes

July 21, 2013: It May Be Time To Officially Retire

Bynes is asked to leave a retirement home area after management believes she was drunk while trespassing the property.

July 22, 2013: This Girl Is On Fire… No, But Seriously

And this is where shit really begins to hit the fan. Bynes allegedly started a fire in a neighbor’s driveway and doused her dog in gasoline in the process. (Check out the bizarre footage of the star cleaning off the dog at the liquor store above). Bynes was put in a 5150 72 hour psychiatric hold and within the month her parents would be granted a temporary conservatorship which allows them to “take control of her affairs.”

Early 2014: Things Are Looking Up

Bynes had a complete hairdo makeover with new golden extensions so she can finally throw out those platinum blonde wigs. Her charges of marijuana possession, evidence tampering, and reckless endangerment from her memorable bong incident all will be dismissed if she can stay out of trouble for the next six months and because she had publicly announced that she entered rehab.

April 2014: Bynes Threatening to Sue…Again?

Things start taking a turn for the worst when Bynes announces on Twitter that she plans to sue In-Touch Magazine, US Weekly, and Perez Hilton, “for hiring paparazzi who follow me and then take the worst photos at the worst angles.” She later claims, “There is no story, just an awful photo posted….they say I have erratic behavior when I do NOTHING wrong.” It’s kind of hard to take you for your word by this point, sorry Bynes.

amanda-bynes-hospitalised_detailOctober 2014: Bynes Uses Her Five Finger Discount

Bynes had been stopped by security when attempting to shoplift a $200 hat from Barneys. She claims that she was more than willing to pay for the hat and was simply going outside to get her purse that was in the car with her driver, which of course was nowhere to be found. (Remind me to use that one next time in an expensive store). Thansk to TMZ, there is a video that surfaced of Bynes dancing throughout a clothing store in NYC before trying to take a shirt with that good ol’ five finger discount.

And TMZ came through yet again by keeping us informed of all the dirt. Amanda Bynes did not do a good job at avoiding the press because throughout October,  there are reported incidents of her clawing at a fan in a nightclub, getting kicked out of airports, and receiving major backlash from her siblings denying Amanda’s allegation that their father was physically and sexually abusive.