A Complete History Of The Downfall of Amanda Bynes

April 2013: Kicked Out Another Class, What A Surprise 

Bynes was kicked out of yet another class, this time a gymnastics class, for her ‘surprisingly’ insane behavior. She was allegedly crying while talking to herself about the leaked photograph of her with a joint. But of course Bynes later took it to Twitter to express herself and write, “I’m suing every blog saying I was kicked out of gymnastics. What is wrong w/ u people? What would u do if u found fake stories about u?”

May 2013: Bynes Explodes On Twitter

Later in the month, Bynes went on another crazy Twitter rant. Within the matter of a few weeks, she revealed to the world of her ‘eating disorder,’ after tweeting “I have an eating disorder so I have a hard time staying thin.” She asked that only personally uploaded photos be used when writing about her, and posted a picture of her Britney Spears stunt which showed her partially shaved head. She later claimed that her hair fell out from using bleach and did not use a razor in the process. Right…

Her rant continued, however. Bynes claimed she no longer spoke to her parents. Her posts included pictures of her topless, if not damn near naked. She even went as far as claiming there was a doppleganger roaming the city that paparazzi was photographing instead of the star herself. She tweeted, “My hair is blonde. I’ve never been a redhead.” The only problem is she was spotted wearing the same exact pants and slippers the day after her supposed doppleganger made a public appearance.

Amanda wig

May 2013: Bye Bye Bong

Hollywood publicist, Jonathon Jaxon, involves the NYPD after a not so sober Amanda Bynes reveals that she doesn’t want to live anymore. Good call Jaxon.

Later that month, Amanda Bynes made headlines, yet again. She was arrested for throwing a bong out of her apartment window after smoking out of it in the building’s lobby. She later claims it was a vase, but either way, I don’t see the need to throw either object out of a window. She later denied being taken in for a psychiatric evaluation and then appears in court looking an absolute mess. She puts the icing on the cake when threatening to sue NYPD officers for sexual assault. They later publicly announced Bynes had no evidence that a sexual assault occurred at the time of her arrest. But nice try, I gotta say.


July 2013: Bynes Shows Up For Court Wearing A Blue Wig 

Bynes appears in court wearing black sweatpants, sneakers, a sports jersey, and weirdest of all a bright blue wig. The next day she is seen walking very oddly while wearing a platinum wig down 58th. Maybe she wass trying to deceive the public of her appearance because at this point, who wouldn’t? On top of it all, Bynes’ former friend, Ana Rivera, revealed to the public that the star definitely needed help. Bynes allegedly changed all of the light bulbs in her house to red because she “liked the way it made her look.” Um, creepy much?

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