#DontStealPossible: Questlove Hits The Streets Of NYC And DJs At Education Rally


Over 21,000 teachers, parents and kids came together yesterday in Foley Square to raise awareness of the education crisis in New York City. The initiative is part of the “Don’t Steal Possible” campaign, with the rally calling for bold, urgent action to expand access to great schools. Parents want a forward-thinking plan that will ensure no child is stuck in a failing school. Among the supporters was The Roots member Questlove who DJ’d beside the kids of the Bronx 2 Dancers.

“This morning I took a stand for kids education. Every child deserves a good school and a great education,” Questlove said on his Instagram.

In support of the campaign, Queens-bred artist Greg Lamarche debuted an 8 ft. tall x 160 ft. tall mural that thousands of kids in attendance assisted in creating. Lamarche plans on creating murals for each of the five New York City boroughs within the upcoming weeks.

See photos from the Dont Steal Possible rally below. For more info visit DontStealPossible.org.