Five Things We Learned About Bobby Shmurda Because of Jeff Staple

It’s been quite the year thus far for Brooklyn’s Bobby Shmurda. After his track “Hot N*gga” hit airwaves and the Shmoney Dance hit Vine, Shmurda has been blazing hot in these streets (pause). He has seen himself become one of the more popular names in music right now with his dance and song every where you turn. Shmurda sat down with Jeff Staple for a 1-2-1 interview where we get to know Shurmda a little more. If you don’t have a spare six minutes don’t worry we got you covered. Here are five things we took away from the sit down.

5. Shurmda’s First Track

Bobby Shmurda’s first song was over Lil’ Wayne’s “Leather So Soft” instrumental when he was 13-years-old. I’m not surprised at all the it’s a Lil Wayne instrumental because Wayne owned the past decade in hip-hop. What I am surprised about is that song. If Shmurda told me it was a Weezy instrumental I would have guessed “A Milli”, “Hit Em Up” or something more gritty. Shmurda said the song was a hit in the neighborhood so it must have worked out.

4. NY State of Mind

When asked what his favorite album at age 13 (2003) Shmurda said it was none other than 50 Cent’s classic Get Rich or Die Trying. If you’re too young to remember this album it went 6x platinum in the US alone. In New York you couldn’t walk two blocks without hearing the album blaring from someone’s whip. It’s good to see Shmurda has a hometown ear despite his non-New York style.

3. Major Influences

So who shaped Shurda’s music flow and taste? A couple artists are responsible for this. New York MCs Jadakiss, 50 Cent and Jay-Z in addition to Gucci Mane were some that Shurmda mentioned. The Gucci and Hov mentions I weren’t shocked at, but I was impressed by the Jadakiss mention. Jadakiss gets lost in a lot of people’s lists of greatest MCs from NY and in the game period. Nice to see Shurmda give Jada well-deserved respect.

2. Late to the Party

One might assume that Shmurda wanted to be rapper since 13 when he made that first track right? Nope. It wasn’t until he started seeing paper off his efforts that he really got into rapping. Before it was something he liked to do on the side, but it has transformed into a full-time job. Now he wakes up and knows he has to get to work which he has embraced.

1. It’s A Process

One question that doesn’t get asked enough is how long an artist takes to write a song. Some fans think that artists jump in the booth and spit a song off the dome. Well that’s not how it goes. It’s a process of constant editing and adding new lines. So how long did it take Shmurda to write “Hot N*gga”? Two weeks. The song serves as a journal, he would go out and work in the streets and come back and write what happened. Eventually Shmurda finished what is now one of the hottest tracks of the year.