Bishop Nehru Talks Nas & MF Doom Collab, 'NehruvianDOOM' & Kanye West's "Big Influence"


Justin D. caught up with Bishop Nehru during his listening party for Nehruvian Doomavailable now on iTunes.

WATCH: Bishop Nehru x MF Doom – “Darkness” (Video)

In a discussion that wavered from Bishop’s love/hate relationship with “turn up music,” he talks about how he’d love to get Nas & MF DOOM together for an album. Then again, who wouldn’t?

 “Nas & MF Doom (album), we haven’t seen that yet and I feel it can happen. I’m going to get it to happen.”—Bishop Nehru

(Interview by Justin D. Live | @JustinDLive)

GFM: Bishop, I appreciate you taking the time out. There’s a party going on so I’ll keep this short to get back to your Album Listening.

BN: It’s fine. I don’t like parties anyway.

GFM: Really? So, Why’s that?

BN: Even in high school and middle school, when dudes was like “let’s hit this party up.” I was always the type of dude that was real reserved. I always did my own thing. I was usually to myself.

GFM: You seem like the introverted type, but you’re very expressive in your music. Is that where you find your creativity?

BN: I just feel more comfortable being myself. If there’s too many people around me, I don’t like the vibe of it. You can’t control everybody. Not that I am a control freak.

GFM: In past interviews, you’ve made it clear that you may be young and part of the “turn up” generation, but you are not necessarily a part of that movement. Why choose to separate yourself from that?

BN: I love listening to it. I love turning up while listening to it. but, It’s about the energy. I mean, I had prior knowledge of music that I was raised listening to and I know that’s not what I was taught originally and it wouldn’t be real for me to create that. It wouldn’t be me. Growing up, I was bumping Waka’s Karma everyday 1st period in electronic piano. Everyone in my class is like ‘what’s going on?’ But, i’m the only person that can switch from the turn up, switch to classical, rock, jazz or funk.


GFM: On the Behind the Mask short documentary, MF Doom mentioned that you “we’re born an MC” was that the ultimate compliment?

BN: Yeah. Of course. If you see the video, i’m in the background. I started smiling as soon as he said it. He was one of the reason why I started to rap. It’s very wild.

GFM: Talk to me about Lucki Leak$, what that did for your career & the use of the Kanye Sample.

BN: That songs was a come up. A huge come up. I had this one song already done for a long time while I was working on the mixtape… We were trying to shoot the video, even before it had the Kanye Sample at the end.

GFM: Great choice of sample. Was that how you were feeling at the time?

BN: That’s exactly how I was feeling. Kanye is a big influence on me. I love Kanye ever since a kid. As far as visuals and as an artist as a whole. He thought outside of the box. Just like the skit, (At that time) I wanted to take it to the next level. My vision wasn’t complete I just needed the resources. Now that I have it, i’m ready to take it to the next level.


GFM: I would love to hear Jay Electronica & MF Doom do a collab album. As a fan, do you have a MF Doom collaboration album that you would like to see happen?

BN: Nas… Yeah, Nas & Doom.

GFM: Wait, Nas? Do you think that can realistically happen?

BN: Of course. They would be great together. We haven’t seen that yet and I feel like it can happen. I feel like it can happen… I’m going to get it to happen. This is not a guarantee. Don’t mark my words, but I’m going to try to get it to happen.

GFM: You know both of them, so you can speak to both of them at least.

BN: Yeah (laughs) That’s the crazy part. They would be great together.