Stream Bishop Nehru and Doom's "NehruvianDOOM" Album

bishop nehru mf doom

Back when it was announced that Bishop Nehru and MF Doom would be working on a duo album, NehruvianDOOM, the rap world was in shock. But after hearing the young spitter through his single releases such as “Darkness” and “Caskets,” I think that feeling shifted more towards intrigue. Speaking personally, I see the potential in Nehru and I think pairing with a legend like Doom is going to do nothing but magnify his talents.

Nevertheless, the album is set to release next week in both the UK and the US. Until then, listen to the full stream of the album courtesy of Pitchfork. Peep the tracklist and slick artwork below.

01 Intro
02 Om
03 Mean the Most
04 So Alone
05 Coming For You
06 Darkness (HBU)
07 Caskets
08 Great Things
09 Disastrous

bishop nehru mf doom

via Pitchfork

[via Pitchfork]