Amanda Bynes’ Psychiatric Hold Extended By 30 Days


Shocker! Amanda Bynes is still in no condition to be let out of psychiatric care. According to TMZ, After being held under involuntary treatment for the last 17 days, Bynes’ doctors pleaded a case to the judge asking for an extension to keep the former actress under care within the facility. There are reports that the star is “too ill” and still cannot be held accountable to care for herself. Had the 30 day extension not been granted Bynes would have walked out the doors of the psych ward yesterday morning. Yikes!

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One thing that has yet to be sorted out is if her parents are going to attempt to “regain conservatorship” over the star yet again. According to TMZ, Bynes is still furious with her parents for having her re-committed. Even though she cannot make decisions on her own quite yet, it may be best for her parents to keep their distance considering she is blaming them for everything she is currently going through.