Ab-Soul Talks Worsened Vision, Diddy's Advice & A "Potential" 'Druggys With Hoes' Album

In a 2012 interview with Justin D., Ab-Soul revealed the reason for always wearing glasses—due to a rare eye condition. We caught back up with Soulo during one of his These Days pitstops to see how he was doing.

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With the case of his Stevens Johnson Syndrome “worsening”, Ab-Soul elaborates on the hesitation to go under the knife and get a corneal transplant. Even though good friend, Sean “Diddy” Combs has advised him to do so.

“It (Stevens Johnson Syndrome) definitely worsens. Absolutely…my cornea is more scared now than when I talked to you the last time. I was talking to Puffy —Dr. Sean Combs—and he really suggests that I try to get a corneal transplant, but i’m just a little eerie because, what if they mess up?”

The King of Carson also confirmed there is a Final Version of “Druggys with Hoes Pt. 3.” So what’s the holdup? Well…

“It’s gotta come from the boss though, Top Dawg. It’s done. It was supposed to go on the album, we just couldn’t clear the sample. That’s why it wasn’t on Oxymoron. We couldn’t clear “Druggys witH Hoes pt. 3.” Very unfortunate.”

Danny Brown mentioned in a recent XXL Interview that Ab-Soul, ScHoolBoy Q and himself were thinking of doing a “Druggys with Hoes” group album. After asking if there was a slight chance that this rumor was valid, Ab-Soul immediately interjected by reassuring his fans that “it’s still possible.”

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