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Everyone’s been snapping their attention toward Fatheraintshit…or wait, maybe that’s just us. But you should too!

Fatheraintshit is originally from Atlanta, Georgia and he’s causing quite the ruckus as he reveals his musicality to the world. Having just recently released Young Hot Ebony, Father is showing the world his excellent ability to match catchy lyrics with a dope beat that relaxes the mind so you can get lost in his music.

In his track “Two Dead, Six Wounded” he shows his true colors when he raps about the importance of loyalty and backing up the people that deserve it the most.

“Two dead, six wounded
That’s what you get for not rolling as a unit
Why you claimin’ Buddhist?
Just a second ago, hollerin’ out ‘let’s do this!'”

But his talents don’t stop there. Father is also a producer and founder of the independent label Awful Records, a smaller branch of Awful Media Group.


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