Troy Ave And 50 Cent Come Together for "New York Sound" In D*C


Ever since coming into the game Troy Ave has been looking to restore the feeling in NYC. His brand of coke rap and flashy style is reminiscent of many eras of New York hip hop. Slick Rick’s chains, Rakim’s fade, 90’s era Moet lifestyle, and of course that sound that is so reminiscent of 50 Cent.

Troy Ave is a polarizing character. He doesn’t hold back punches when passing judgement. While he shared the XXL Freshman cover with many of rap’s up and comers, he wasn’t there to make any friends. He’s went on record to dismiss some of hip hop’s most beloved artists as weirdos time and time again. His character is what makes him standout, but Troy can get busy on the mic and has shown potential for crafting hit records in today’s climate. His single “Hot Out” caught much attention (including mine) and his Lloyd Banks assisted “Your Style” was too infectious for anyone to deny. On the rap side he can kill shit, just listen to “Cigar Smoke” or his verse from Trae’s “Breathe Easy.”

During the years of 2002-2007, 50 Cent was the biggest rap star on the planet. He sold the most albums and everything he breathed on was an automatic hit. 50’s brand of street traits mixed with sing song hooks made him an unstoppable force, and with that type of success came many enemies. 50 had beef with every artist that wasn’t from his crew. Yeezy, Weezy, Jay, Ja, Nas; and even some from his camp. He was never scared to voice his opinion and it made for some entertaining moments.

Many say that Troy Ave is 2014’s version of 50 Cent. His hooks are very similar and he even went as far as grabbing Banks and Yayo of the Unit for his biggest songs thus far in “Your Style” and “Show Me Love.” He’s an outspoken guy just like 50 Cent. It would be the perfect “passing of the torch” if you will. The old head passing the crown to the young up and comer of similar circumstances. With G-Unit reuniting Troy Ave would be the perfect fit to bring it all full circle. No knock to Kidd Kidd, but it just makes a whole lot more sense.

People talk about New York being down in hip hop right now. The reason why the mecca fell in the first place is because of all of the beefing. Too much pride from the artists and an unwillingness to work together. They’ve gone on record to say that they have no “real relationship,” but there are some mutual acquaintances. 50 has acknowledged that he likes Troy Ave’s intentions, but he feels like he sounds a little too much like him. Maybe 50 can step in as a mentor? Their respective levels of pride might get in the way, but the point is that a collaboration between these two would result in nothing but a win for either of them, and the city that they represent.

So how would it sound?

These two need to get on a banger. A clear cut hit record that will play in the club and beyond. Think “Your Style” meets “Stunt 101.” The energy would have to be there and they would have to show complete comradery. 50 knows that people feel like to say that he killed New York hip hop, what better way to kill that noise than to get on a record with one of New York’s hottest up and comers? Maybe throw Jeremih on there, or even…Bobby Shmurda!

We know that these two are very similar artists, New York bred from the sounds to the swag. We know that they move in the same circles and enjoy the same climate. And we know that this would be great for New York hip hop. I think these two need to realize that this would be great for both of their careers, until then…

Why haven’t they collaborated yet?