Roger That: NFL Commish Goodell Says Whole Lot of Nothing In Press Conference

Roger Goodell

After his nine day hibernation during his league’s most trying time Commissioner Roger Goodell finally came out to play. He mumbled, bumbled and fumbled through a press conference that was as useful as having the best kicker in fantasy football. Unlike his fellow commissioner, NBA commissioner Adam Silver, Goodell was weak and said a whole lot of nothing. He read off a piece of paper, danced around questions and dug himself into a bigger hole. He reiterated what we already knew, refused to resign and looked like an idiot. The best part of this whole presser was the interruption by an affiliate of the Howard Stern Show.  Not only did he get his ass kicked by the media (shout out to Rachel Nichols), but his players did not feel like they were in good hands. The players shared their opinions on Twitter.

You’re not fooling anyone Roger. Give up. It’s over. You’re not the man for the job. Please step aside so the NFL can find someone that is and get this league back on the right path.