Ro Ransom Sprints Up A Ladder Of Success With His Newly Released Tracks

Attention hip hop, rap, and R&B lovers!!! Ro Ransom has officially grabbed the bull by the horns and thrown him to the side only to take his place. With his new releases of the tracks “S-Rank Manifesto,” “Killa Cam,” “Masquerade 2015,” and his most recently video “Anaconda Vise”, Ro Ransom is proving that he is an artist worth taking a second look at.

But stay on the edge of your seats ladies and gents, because Ransom is continuing his “Hidden Freestyle” series with the release of his single “Heroine Syringes” that has everybody’s hips grinding. Just from these few tracks recently released, it is very clear that Ro Ransom is versatile and can spit some lyrics to whatever beat he is provided with.

Trust me people, take a listen.