Rihanna Inspires ‘National IDGAF Day’


So we all know Rihanna just doesn’t GAF about anyone’s opinion of her and you’ve got to admit, it’s actually pretty respectable. The Bajan Baddie isn’t phased by the judgement of others and I don’t blame her. After all, a lion doesn’t lose sleep over the opinions of sheep!

We’re celebrating Rihanna’s “IDAG” attitude and commemorating it by deeming today National IDGAF Day. So, flip your birdies at the nearest police officer who tries to stop you from jaywalking, tell your folks you’re not doing the dishes today and forget about today’s agenda. Just kidding, but no. Seriously. Do you boo-boos. Do you

That being said, let’s recap some of Rihanna’s most infamous flicks and learn a thing or two.