Rihanna covers Tush Magazine & it’s not what you think. She’s actually wearing clothes!

Rihanna’s back in full force, gracing the cover of yet another foreign magazine. YAS GIRL YASSSSS!!!

In typical bad-gyal fashion the “Monster” singer has tweeted out her entire spread with German magazine Tush yesterday—and no it’s got absolutely nothing to do with her rear end…or her nipples. That was one exclusively for the French (refer back to Lui cover). Sorry fellas. 

In fact, what’s caught the attention this time around is not her bare body or the fact that it’s not bare at all, but her hair. Rihanna resembles none other than X-Men’s Storm with hair so grey you’d think she’d aged a few years…Okay so maybe she still looks full of youth and flawless but you guys get my point. 

Rihanna will be covering Tush‘s 34th issue. Surely, this isn’t her last. Wonder what country she’ll be blessing next. Check out the photos below.

Photography by Gomillion & Leupold | Styling by Nadia Rath