BREAKING NEWS: Ray Rice Released In Aftermath of Video Leak

Ray Rice

The Baltimore Ravens have taken the action the NFL offices were afraid to do. In the aftermath of the elevator footage being leaked by TMZ of Rice knocking his girlfriend out cold. This comes as a shock to most, but it was necessary. The video left the Rice as a black eye for the Raven organization. This isn’t uncommon ground for them, back in 2000 with another prominent Raven named Ray. Hall of Famer Ray Lewis was on trial for murder, but Lewis reached a plea agreement and all was forgotten.

This serves as something Rice can strive for. A new beginning. It is unknown what team will pick up the Pro Bowl running back who when on the field is one of the top backs in the game. Whoever does pick him up will have to deal with similar hoopla that the Eagles dealt with after signing Michael Vick. The road to forgiveness is going to be a long one so Rice better lower his shoulder and keep driving.

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