No Detox: Dr. Dre's Next Album Won't Be "Detox"


If you’re one of the people still waiting for the third installment of Dr. Dre’s Chronic Series I have some good news and I have some bad news. The bad news is that “Detox” is never coming out. The good news is Dre is planning on releasing a third album. Dre has been extremely busy since releasing “The Chronic 2001” 15 years ago. He has worked on Eminem’s albums, Kendrick Lamar’s albums, sold his headphones to Apple for $3 billion, you know the ordinary sh*t king’s of music do. With such a busy schedule fans have been weary of Dre dropping that third installment of the Chronic Series “Detox”. According to Dawaun Parker, a long-time producer at Dre’s Aftermath label said that Dre shelved Detox two years ago when he sat down with Shots Fired. Now Dre has a new idea for an album. An idea Parker wouldn’t delve into. “I won’t say what the title is ’cause I haven’t seen that online or anything yet,” Parker said

That’s okay Parker, you’ve already given us what we wanted. For those skeptics that don’t believe Dre or believe his new project will measure up to his two previous classics remember what Kendrick Lamar said when asked about Detox. “Dr. Dre is focused like he always has been. he focused on music, man.”