Mick Jenkins Details Origin of The Water[s], Migos & Makonnen’s Replay Value and Talks Macklemore

In part 1 of our in depth interview with Mick Jenkins, the Chicago rapper details some of his frustrations prior to releasing his latest mixtape, The Water[s]. He talks about the concept for the tape, what it meant and its origins. Mick explains:

“Initially, a friend of mine came up with this concept The Healing Component. It was for a mixtape that he was going to do and he never did it, and I was going to take the idea. He got really upset, so I didn’t use it and I started thinking from that point: ‘What is the Healing Component?’ God and water were the only two things that I thought were worthy to be called that.”

Radio personality Justin D Live and Mick furthered their discussion by studying artists such as Migos and Makonnen and their ability to create music with replay value. Mick had the following to say:

“Makonnen, Migos or anybody else that you want to name—no disrespect—those artists getting hot for the short periods of time that they do, so often they tend to…There’s something to be said about why their songs are so catchy. Why people gravitate to it. Those are things that I put in (my) music by paying attention to other shit. That’s stuff that sticks with people and that stuff is intentional.”

The two ended their sit down with a slight comparison of Macklemore’s “Thrift Shop” record and Mick’s own “Value Village.” Mick’s record, released at least two years before Macklemore’s hit single held many similarities. Coincidence? Maybe so, but Mick didn’t think so.

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