Son of a Glitch: Madden 15 Glitch Shrinks Player

Madden Glitch

When Madden 15 debuted on the next generation video game consoles last week there were expected glitches. Every game has them. In 2k the ref will hold onto the ball for ten minutes before he inbounds it, goalies in FIFA freeze at any given moment (mostly Iker Casillas), but Madden 15 is in a league of its own.

It started last week when someone posted their linebacker being kidnapped by the demon from Paranormal Activity. Now there is the ‘Tiny Titan’ glitch. For whatever reason Cleveland Browns rookie linebacker Christian Kirksey is a pathetic height of 1’2 when a certain glitch is active. Yes 1’2. For the record Kirksey stands 6’2 in real life. Another part of the glitch is Kirksey appears in a Tennessee Titans uniforms spawning the hilarious nickname ‘Tiny Titan’. While Kirkey’s tackling is completely ineffective he is still able to recover fumbles.

Kirksey is being a good sport about the glitch and enjoying it like everyone else.

I wonder what other hilarious glitches are hidden within the game. Only time will tell.