Logic Debuts Album Art for ‘Under Pressure’

logic under pressure


Maryland rapper Logic is one of the under-the-radar MCs out right now. If you haven’t peeped any of his previous projects, please do so here. Today Logic gives us the artwork for his debut studio album and first project under Def Jam “Under Pressure”. The artwork, done by NYC artist Sam Spratt depicts Logic in the basement of Big Lenbo, the DJ that helped launch Logic’s career and gave him a place to crash when he needed it. The art plays into the main idea behind the project with his childhood playing a central role on the project.

Logic on the artwork and album:

The album title and artwork came effortlessly but it was a journey getting there. I always knew I wanted that feel you see in the detail, the half dark half bright and beautiful look.

The entire album is about the two sides of myself. I could have done one of two main things when creating the album. Anyone who knows me knows I love all music, from the raw hip hop to the fun shit they play at parties, but I decided to make a very “classic” hip hop album, I wanted to RAP, my fan base is huge it stretches across the globe, but no matter how famous you get someone out there still has no clue who you are, so for those that discover me from this album I wanted then to go “oh okay I get it!”  They will immediately know who I am and understand the message in my music.

The picture you see was painted by Sam Spratt and incredible artist from NYC, he re created the place in Lenny’s basement where it all started, I gave him a collection of various old photos from different angles of the old place and he got it right to every last detail, so the day one fans will remember and enjoy.

Def Jam nor Logic have announced a release date, but the release of the cover art should be a sign of things to come. If the material is as good as the cover art then we are in store for a classic.