Kim Kardashian Can't Catch A Break: Must See Video of Kim and Kanye Taking Paris

Kim Kardashian just can’t seem to catch a break during the family trip to Paris. First, she has a close encounter with celeb prankster, Vitalii Sediuk, which almost ended up with her being tackled to the ground, and then her and hubby Kanye were booed during their entrance to the Lanvin fashion show.

The couple strolled into the event…late. Of course, they must know that late arrivals are a big don’t in the world of fashion. But a few guys reminded them just how inappropriate their lateness was by booing them as they walked to the front row.

The best part has to be when Kanye gets on the defensive. His excuse for arriving late was that designer, Alber (who threw the event) wanted to meet with them backstage. It could be true, and if that’s the case, totally understandable. Right?