Kim Kardashian Takes Her Safety Seriously. Her New Stalker Doesn’t Stand a Chance



After being attacked by a crazy celerity prankster, Kim and Kanye are playing no games when it comes to their safety, which is completely understandable. To make matters wores, Paris security didn’t arrest or practically do anything to Vitalii Sediuk, because it was a stupid and they had better things to do.

In case you need a reminder of the entire ordeal, here’s the video.

All is well however, because Kim and Kanye have decided to take matters into their own hands,meaning they’ve leveled up on security, and rightfully so. As if one attack wasn’t enough, Vitalii Sediuk tried another stunt at the Costes Hotel. While the reality star was enjoying an early dinner with her husband.

Kim’s security was on him though, a lot faster than he might of expected. The team surrounded him and by the time the freed him, the couple was nowhere to be found.

Of course Sediuk, is still free to roam Paris, as he technically didn’t commit a real crime but he’s going to have some issues trying to pull another attack with Mr. and Mrs. West’s great security team.