Gone Left: Kid Cudi Flips Out During Concert In Atlanta

Kid Cudi


Everything seemed to be going fine. Kid Cudi was one of the three opening acts for OutKast’s reunion in Atlanta alongside Childish Gambino and Raury. Cudi came out and told the crowd he was bringing nothing but good vibes and get everyone ready for the main attraction, OutKast. Fair enough.

Then sh*t went left. As his set progressed Cudi seemed to get more irritated by the lack of energy in the crowd. He first let out a sly comment “Thanks to my five fans that are here!” and for them to “suck his d*ck”. Then midway through his collaboration song with David Guetta “Memories” he stopped and said nobody was feeling him and cut his set short by thirty minutes. He performed his classic song “Pursuit of Happiness”, but he changed the lyrics┬áthen got off the stage. Clearly there has to be more to this event and I hope Cudi recovers from this because he is a dope artist and has a lot to offer.