French Montana’s ‘clingy’ & ‘needy’ behavior leads to breakup with Khloe Kardashian

French and KhloeBreak up? Already? Well it was nice while it lasted. Khloe Kardashian and French Montana call it quits after their Spring fling. It has been confirmed by an insider that the two split after just a short relationship. Sources say that Khloe thinks that French is a “great guy” but it just wasn’t working out. Low burn.

French, on the other hand isn’t too happy about the relationship ending, but sources also say that Khloe just couldn’t deal with his clingy and needy behavior. Other sources say he may have been cheating on Khloe as well. It’s safe to say that there was just trouble in paradise with the duo.

They may have looked happy going in and out of clubs and even in French Montana’s new video “Don’t Panic,” but we don’t see what goes on behind closed doors. The duo tried to keep their relationship under wraps for a while but the growing publicity between the two lead everyone to believe they were definitely a pair. Eventually, they caved and confirmed it.

Fresh off a rocky marriage with Lamar Odom, it could it be safe to say that French was just a rebound? Okay, let’s not kick French under the bus too much. Look at it this way French, you got some seconds of fame and you got to be apart of the Kardashian entourage for little while. Had to have been fun while it lasted…right?

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