Everything You Need To Know About Kendrick Lamar's New Single "i", have a listen!

kendrick lamar

UPDATE 2: And here it is Ladies and Gentlemen. This is the official version of Kendrick Lamar new single “I”. Enjoy!

UPDATE: Here’s a snippet of what could Kendrick’s upcoming track be “i.” There’s no confirmation yet, but it sounds pretty dope.

An MSU graduate by the name of Kurt Trowbridge revealed that within the following weeks we’d be hearing some new music from Interscope artists such as Fergie, Kendrick Lamar and Gwen Stefani.


When asked, he also confirmed the name to Kendrick’s highly anticipated album as (i) (love myself)


Kendrick Lamar also took to Twitter to reveal the artwork for his upcoming single “i,” which we can apparently expect to hear sometime next week. The artwork shows the hands of two (assumed to be) TDE members holding their hands in the shape of a heart; one with a blue bandana hanging out his pocket and the other with a red, signifying Bloods and Crips.


— Kendrick Lamar (@kendricklamar) September 17, 2014

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