You Played Yourself: Keith Olbermann Calls Derek Jeter Overrated

Derek Jeter’s storied career is coming to an end. With that has come a bunch of ¬†gifts, commercials and media attention. Some have grown tired of the Jeter farewell tour. For instance, Keith Olbermann. Last night on his show (yeah he actually has one) I’m sure many don’t watch, Olbermann went on a six minute diatribe explaining why Jeter is overrated. While Olbermann did state facts they were misguided facts. Olbermann is comparing Jeter’s stats to ball players from the Steroid Era. He’s comparing a shortstop, not a big hitting position, with corner outfielders who were roided out of their minds. What Olbermann is missing is the intangibles Jeter brought to the game, the thing he is heralded for most.

View the video for yourself and see what you think, but I believe Olbermann played himself. Maybe its a big troll. ESPN is full of those these days, its worked wonders for Skip Bayless. Keep trying your viewers up Keith, but when you go on a rant like this please do yourself and the five viewers who watch your show a favor, give a context to stats you give.