JLO: “Some Drunk Fool Rear Ended Us In My New Whip!!!”

“Big Booty” singer, Jennifer Lopez was a victim of a drunk driving accident yesterday and going by her hashtags on Instagram #theBronxcameout of her and she #cursedthatfoolout, but regardless she still took a flawless picture to show all of her fans. She added the caption “Sitting at a light, Riding high right before some drunk fool rear ended us in my new whip!!! Thank god everyone ok!!!”

JLo  and her 2 kids were in her new car with Leah Remini, as the driver, on the Malibu Pacific Coast Highway, waiting at a red light.  A driver, in a small pickup truck then rear ended them and after, he had the nerve to take off!

The two then phone the authorities , who found the man not to far away and under the influence. He was arrested for a DUI and hit and run.