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Makonnen, known as ILoveMakonnen on stage, has recently gained the attention of just about everone, including Miley Cyrus, Young Jeezy, and Drake.

But he wasn’t always someone that big labels considered to be worth their time. Before making his way to the spotlight from Atlanta, Georgia, Makonnen ended up in the wrong place at the wrong time and spent a year in jail after graduating highschool. However, he used the time he spent in house arrest wisely. He began to write music in his bedroom and finally discovered that he had found his passion in life.

After separating from Lil B and The Killers, the phones began to ring rather quickly because of a tape he released and folks, there was always a very big name on the other end of the phone. Miley Cyrus discovered his beats in June and shorly after, Drake added a verse to one of Makonnen’s songs “Club Goin’ Up on a Tuesday.”

Now rockin his natural curls with the sides shaved, ILoveMakonnen is hypnotizing ears all over the nation. Go to Grooveshark.com, create your very own playlist and fill it with his music because if not, your arm will get tired from the number of times you will need to hit the repeat button.


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