Iggy Azalea Isn’t Scared to Be Sexual: “If You Earn It, It’s Your Power”

It’s Thursday, which only means one thing—aside from your entire Instagram timeline being filled with annoying ‘throwback’ pictures. I’ve dug deep, specifically two years into our YouTube archives to resurface one of our own throwback interviews.

We chopped it up with Iggy Azalea back in 2012. The “Fancy” singer told us about a weird ass dream she had with Tupac and dolphins. I cannot make this up. I promise. She also told us why she hates L.A, or hated better yet said along with other relevant stuff. But of course, none of that matters when we’ve got Iggy talking about Tupac. Right?

In the second part of the interview below, Iggy Azalea continued by discussing her sexuality and explaining why men shouldn’t confuse females who are “being sexual” with not having respect for themselves. She also shared a story on how she “fanned out” when she first met 50 cent, she discussed Whitney Houston’s death and lots more. Check it out.