iCloud “Glitch” Leaks Celebrity Nudes

Via Howtooutlook.com

Via Howtooutlook.com


Just yesterday, more than a handful of some big time celebrities had their nudes leaked on the site 4chan, and some of the names you wouldn’t even believe! Jennifer Lawrence, Victoria Justice, Rihanna, Kate Uptown, and even Ariana Grande! Just to name a few.

The photos upset celebrities, of course. Some like Jennifer Lawrence admit the photos to be real and are taking steps to punish anyone who posts them. This includes suspending Twitter accounts. “The authorities have been contacted and will prosecute anyone who posts the stolen photos of Jennifer Lawrence” announced her agent.

Mary E. Winstead also admitted the photos were real on her Twitter account.

Other victims, like Ariana Grande and Victoria Justice are denying the photos are authentic. 


Regardless if their real or not, the photos are making their way around the internet. Sites like Reddit even have every single link to each individual photo

But what could of caused all of this havoc? Well it’s something as simple as being able to guess a password.According to a few tech experts, weak passwords are part of the reason hackers were able to access celeb’s private photos,well that and an iCloud glitch.

Apparently what possibly happened was hacking software stole passwords into their accounts. This is part is blamed on them having easy passwords. As the software uses the top 500 passwords approved by Apple to give the hacker full access to iCloud accounts, if successful.

But this epidemic can get even worse, now that the a piece of the computer code that repeatedly guesses passwords is not available online, on the site Github. However, Apple is saying they have reportedly patched it up.

Owen Williams from The Next Web, who found the glitch  says “If the attacker was successful and gets a match by guessing passwords against Find my iPhone, they would be able to, in theory, use this to log into iCloud and sync the iCloud Photo Stream with another Mac or iPhone in a few minutes, again, without the attacked user’s knowledge. We can’t be sure that this is related to the leaked photos, but the timing suggests a possible correlation.”

You heard it from the best folks, make sure you choose your passwords wisely, and lets hope Apple’s patch works so we don’t become victims too.