HBO Set to Broadcast Remastered Episodes of "The Wire"

Avon and Stringer

Before Breaking Bad blessed our TV screens there was only one king in television series game, The Wire. HBO’s critically-acclaimed series brought us five classic seasons from 2002 to 2008. Now HBO is re-airing a remastered version in full HD for the first time ever. So if you haven’t seen The Wire for whatever reason here is your chance to catch up and if you have seen the series then sit back and enjoy the series in HD.

HBO said the re-airing would start this Thursday, but have retracted that statement saying they may have jumped the gun. Worry not though, HBO expects the remastered episodes to begin airing soon and will be on every weeknight at 8 pm. If you were a fan of Gustavo Fring and Walter White from Breaking Bad then you will surely love Stringer Bell, Avon Barksdale, Marlo Stanfield and Omar Little. Once we find out the official re-air date we will be sure to post it.