Remember when Future wrote “Racks on Racks”? We do…#NeverForget

While everyone’s scrolling down their instagram timeline’s looking at hideous baby pictures, I’m over here digging in the archives for something to bless your twitter feeds with. It’s Thursday, everyone’s reminiscing. So you already know I had to bring you guys down memory lane for a “hot second”—or more specifically, eight minutes with Future.

We caught up with him back in 2011. The man talking to him, Q-es, was one of the co-hosts on the Good*Fella Radio Show until he left us for bigger and better things in MD. Yea Q, I’m salty…but I digress. I’m slightly kidding guys, he’s still with the team, just also doing cooler shit now.

In our interview with Future he talked about ghostwriting “Racks on Racks” which, at the time, stirred up a little controversy. He touched on his “Tony Montana” track and working with greats such as T.I. and Drake. There’s more, but why would I tell you guys when the video’s right up above. Happy Thursday muhhh-fuggassss.