Eminem and Tech N9ne come together for "Shady Meets Strangeulation" In D*C

via youtube.com

via youtube.com

“Eminem is a complete emcee.”
– TechN9ne in an interview with HipHopDX

Something is to be said about the strange word flippers from the Midwest. Eminem shot up to stardom after making a name for himself on the battle scene. His ability to bend words and rhyme patterns is unmatched. He gets his respect from all parties, Tech N9ne included. I, for one, admire Tech N9ne for the empire he’s been able to build with his Strange Music imprint, and of course his sick rap stylings.

Eminem is an anomaly. The world was introduced to Marshall Mathers via his Slim Shady moniker, one that had a penchant for all things strange and uncomforting. Subject matters of killing bullies, significant others, and parents were tied to some of the best rapping we had ever heard on The Slim Shady LP. He followed that up with more crazy talk on the Marshall Mathers LP. Thirteen years later he’s still one of our favorites and is heralded as one of the greatest artists of our time. Through it all he’s been consistent in his ability to simply put words together better than anyone around him at the present moment.

You morons think that I’m a genius
Really I belong inside a dang insane asylum
Came to drive them trailer parks crazy
I am back
And I am razor-sharp, baby
– Eminem, Fast Lane

Tech N9ne has been active in the rap game since the mid 90’s. The Kansas City emcee threw a middle finger to the mainstream and decided to build his own empire and it worked out damn near perfectly. Album after album, show after show his loyal fanbase has made Tech N9ne one of the greatest stories of an independent artist ever told. His latest offering, Collabos: Strangeulaion features him bringing his team to the forefront. His Strange Music imprint has become a way of life for his fans, but none of this would be possible if Tech wasn’t one of the most consistent artists to grace a microphone.

Tech has this style that just commands your attention. He’s very aggressive with the flow and conjures spirits in every verse. His success has brought him notoriety to the point where he was featured on Lil Wayne’s Tha Carter 4, which was only one of the biggest rap albums of all time. All independent, through it all there is still one collaboration that Tech has yet to do.

Give her the shivers when I deliver this
Hit her then quit her cause she’s on Twitter shit
And when she compare me to Eminem, I said “I’m different”
She said “How?”, I said “I’m black and I can say ‘nigger’, bitch!”
– Tech N9ne, Strangeulation I

Eminem and Tech N9ne would make for one of the greatest combinations of all time. Eminem has always found comfort in making listeners uncomfortable, what better way to do this than to link up with king of Strange Music. Both are ridiculous wordsmiths who aim to make every verse count. Eminem is notorious for his tedious writing process and Tech has always kept it 100 in his verses. The two going back and forth would sound magical. I could imagine them trying to best each other to the point we’d get a 10 minute track out of these two.

Tech has gone on record stating how much he wants to collaborate with Eminem. It seems like he’s the last artist left in which he wants to do a song with. This one should have happened a long time ago, but it may be Tech’s relationship with one of Em’s rivals that’s halted this one’s realization.

If the Insane Clown Posse is standing in the way of Eminem and Tech N9ne collaborating, I will personally write a letter to their management to get them out of the way. I will personally write a cease and desist letter regarding all things regarding Tech N9ne. We know this isn’t the reason these two greats haven’t met up in the booth yet, but whatever it takes….

They’re both great artists with a penchant for serial killings and other taboo topics, they’re both one of the most successful artists in their fields, and it with Tech N9ne calling for it, I’m sure this one will happen soon. But until then….

Why haven’t they collaborated yet?