Elevator Footage of Ray Rice KO’ing Fiancee at Casino in Atlantic City Released by TMZ

Ray Rice AC

Just when the NFL thought they were in the clear from the Ray Rice incident TMZ came with an all-out blitz. TMZ obtained the elevator footage the NFL claims “they never saw”. In the video Rice is seen hitting his fiancee with a left hook from hell, knocking her out. Rice, for the record was probably a little saucy, showed zero remorse for his fiancee who was laying unconscious on the floor. If the NFL did indeed see this video before giving Rice a measly two-game suspension then they are deep sh*t.

The video is a black eye not only for Rice and his fiancee, but for NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell who will have to do some serious scrambling if it is uncovered that he did indeed see this footage before the public did. If I’m Josh Gordon I’m blowing up Goodell’s phone right now demanding a reinstatement immediately. ┬áIf I was Rice I would lay extremely low for the rest of my career.