Did Driicky Graham just challenge Nicki Minaj to a rap battle?

I sat down with Driicky Graham to play a few rounds of “Kill, Marry, Fuck” (KMF) and “Album, Song, Pass.” Similar to KMF, my homemade game of “Album, Song, Pass” involves three artist to choose from; the player must select one artist to collaborate on an entire album, another to collaborate on a song and lastly one artist to pass up one.

In the midst of it all I asked one of my favorite questions:

“If you had to rap battle Nicki Minaj, do you think you could take her?”

Let’s just say Driicky was more than on board. Would he win? Now, that’s the real question.

I end my chat with Driicky with the conclusion that all men like crazy women. Yes, every single man on earth—whether he’d like to admit it or not and if you care to argue me on that one hit me up on twitter@kymmiceelive. I’m all ears…