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Ciara and Future Are Back Together Again | Good*Fella Media

Ciara and Future Are Back Together Again

Via Nydailynews.com

Via Nydailynews.com


People are jumping with excitement, now that singer, Ciara and her ex fiance, Future, are back together again. If  you don’t recall, Ciara  is the one who claimed Future cheated on her during his tour, which is why she broke off the engagement in the first place.

But what’s got her changing her mind? Well, Ciara will do anything for their 4 month old son, Future Zahir. She feels that their son needs his father around 24/7, which mean yes, they are living together again.  Ciara is willing to try to work things out between the two of them, if it means baby Future gets to have his father.

Ciara supposedly, doesn’t believe in shared parenting,and obviously she believes Future is a great dad if she’s willing to get over last month’s break up. Guess the two couldn’t stay apart forever.