Bonnie B Discusses Being Tanboys 1st Lady & Griselda Blanco Influences

Bonnie B stopped by the Good*Fella Radio Show for a sit down with Justin D Live & Kymmi Cee where she opened up about her influences and more. The OG Henny Hunny talked to us about embodying drug queen pin Griselda Blanco and how she similarly has to make a name for herself in a male dominated industry.

“I grew up around that fast money lifestyle, my family, I got to see it first hand. In a male dominated industry you gotta work twice as hard and you have to be twice as strong mentally as the dudes. Griselda was so strong. She didn’t care. She was cut throat. That’s just me, but the Young OG. So it’s like paying homage.”

Bonnie furthered our talk by discussing how she separates herself from the other females in the rap game and

“Everything right now is over saturated. I grew up on Fox, Kim, & Remy in my teenage years. That’s what I miss. I want to bring back that nostalgic feel with a twist.”