Rappers in A Fashion Mag? Something We Can All Get Used To…


Chanel Iman posted this video on her Instagram two weeks ago. She called it “The Dance of Seduction” and fans couldn’t get enough of her and her beau A$AP Rocky. I can’t either and here’s why:

  • It’s been 25 years since a model of color has covered Vogue. YASSSSSSSSSS.
  • It’s the first time A$AP Rocky and Chanel have appeared in a magazine as a couple. They grow up so fast…
  • First Kim and Kanye, now Chanel and Rocky. I like the direction Vogue is beginning to move in. But the real question here is: “Who did it best?” Hmmm….
  • Hip-Hop meets Fashion instead of Hip-Hop vs. Fashion. What’s not to love here?
  • Also, Rocky and Chanel look amazing.

If you already haven’t, check out the flicks below.



ASAP-Rocky-Chanel-Iman-Vogue ASAP-Rocky-Chanel-Iman-Vogue2 ASAP-Rocky-Chanel-Iman-Vogue3 ASAP-Rocky-Chanel-Iman-Vogue4 ASAP-Rocky-Chanel-Iman-Vogue5