Andre 3000 Randomly Showed Up to GoldLink’s Show Last Night In London & Twitter Reacted

andre and goldlink

Last night GoldLink performed at The Old Blue Last in London. He had one particular audience member that caught the attention of many; Andre 3000. Fans were just as shocked as we were to see the surprise guest appearance except that, unlike us, they reacted…via Twitter. And if you weren’t at the show it’s all good because a trending topic on Twitter told it all. Check out the tweets below and if you already aren’t familiar with the DMV rapper that is GoldLink, I suggest you change that very soon.

GoldLink brought out London’s own Little Simz who snagged a flick with Andre and rightfully! The moment’s historical.

Even seeing it with his own guys, this guy can hardly believe Andre 3000 was there. 

Behold. Proof!

Andre 3000 made the show worth everybody’s while.

Crazy, but true.


This girl’s MAD.

This guy surely got his money’s worth.

This happened.

Icing on the cake.