When It Rains, It Pours: Adrian Peterson Indicted For Child Injury

Adrian Peterson

Can things get any worse for the NFL right now? In a week marred by the Ray Rice domestic violence situation, Commissioner (hopefully soon-to-be former) Roger Goodell scrambling like a quarterback with no offensive line and now one of the league’s top role model, Minnesota Vikings star running back Adrian Peterson is in trouble.

Peterson has been indicted on charges of child injury in Texas according to MyFoxHouston. The incident is ┬áreportedly stemming from Peterson disciplining a son with a switch and is being charged with negligent and reckless behavior for it. Peterson has been completely cooperative with authorities, but Peterson’s status for Sunday is up in the air. An indictment means he will eventually have to turn himself in and let the justice system play out.

This caps off the most embarrassing week for a major sports league. Domestic violence already has people up in arms, but the issue of child abuse might blow up the internet. If Peterson is found guilty how many games does AP get? Goodell is already under the largest microscope and the slightest screw up will end with Goodell stepping down if the incompetent puppet isn’t already planning so already. Peterson is (or was) one of the good guys in the league so this is a matter to pay attention too.